Bonnaroo!!! F@#$! KANYE!!!

(before anyone says, “Hey, Bonnaroo is not Knoxville Hip Hop!”, I’ll address it. I thought Bonnaroo was close enough and large enough worth mentioning. I know it isn’t Knoxville Hip Hop.) 


Bonnarro 2008…,


What did everyone expect?


Well, for one, it’s physically impossible (I would argue) for anything, especially something as socially driven and trendy as a music festival, to continually improve forever. At some point, their will be a peak in overall greatness before perceptions and reality (really the same thing) begin to dwindle. With that said, if this was your first year attending Bonnaroo, you shouldv’e been there 3 years ago. Just kidding, depending on the overall feedback that makes it back to AC Entertainment, they could alway improve next year… Just kidding again… As an overall music festival, I’m sure Bonnaroo was great. It just sounds like some of the previous years were much better.


I say this having only heard about the the festival from my roommate. He’s been several years running and just decided to go at the last minute. He bought a ticket from someone down on Cumberland Ave. and headed out Thursday night. He met up with some friends the next morning, after finally getting a hold of someone on their cellphone to find where they were in the sea of people, and began the Bonnaroo 2008 experience.

He said there were several good shows, including even Pearl Jam whom he said wasn’t bad (he didn’t have as much to say about Metallica). He said the Chris Rock show was great, definitely one of his favorites. And then came the story of F@#%$ KANYE!

Apparently, the show started very late, like instead of 1AM, 4AM-ish. So, as you can imagine everyone starts getting a little tired after waiting so long and continuing to be put off; another hour here, another hour there. Finally, the show begins but the crowd can’t believe what they’re hearing… “Kanye, wake up Kanye, It’s time to wake up Kanye” (in a theatrical voice). The crowd starts to BOO immediately…

So the show continues and turns out to be quite theatrical with the overall theme being somthing like him rediscovering who he is when he lands on another planet after arriving by rocket, or something like that. Big elaborate set, again…, very theatrical with 2 huge screens, one behind him and one slanted upward on the stage.

Once the show ended, the plywood walls around Centeroo were covered with “F@#% KANYE!!” in black spray paint. My roommate even has pictures to prove it. This apparently became the new call at Bonnaroo for 2008; “BONNAROO!!!”…  the reply? F@#%$ KANYE!!!!

So what did you think of Bonnaroo this year? And how would you compare it to previous years, if this wasn’t your first?



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